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Infinity CMS

Infinity CMS is the new web platform of QUBITEQ for the development of modern, interactive websites. It is a pre-constructed, full-featured Internet Portal that can be instantly customized to your business needs and easily deployed as your new online web presence. You are invited to discover the main advantages of our Content Management System and browse through the list of available features, to see what Infinity CMS can do for your business.

  • Reinvent your online presence with a feature-rich web content platform that gets customized to your needs in no time.
  • Eliminate the affliction of overplanning and underdelivering a website upgrade or a new website construction.
  • Invest in a platform you can trust

For future website owners, Infinity CMS is the platform of choice, delivering a wealth of functionality and visitor interaction capabilities at your fingertips, along with the style and reliability guaranteed by the use of modern technologies such as ASP.NET 3.5, AJAX and SQL Server 2008. 

For existing website owners, looking for a more modern website look, increased reliability, richer user interaction and quick ways to improve your content management capabilities, Infinity CMS promises a worry-free and future-proof upgrade solution. 

An overview of the standard featureset can be summarized in the following graph:


For expanded functionality, you can take advantage for the add-on modules provided, to further customized the user experience of your website visitors:

  • Newsletters
  • Banner Management
  • Questionnaires & Polls
  • Web-conferencing
  • Galleries & Media albums
  • Online reservations
  • Google Integration Pack
  • File Publisher
  • Widgets Pack
  • Products catalog

If you are interested in learning more about Infinity CMS, you can contact us directly for a personalized quote and a description of how our content management platform will work for your business.



Hours at Work  is a modern productivity platform that integrates with existing or newly installed Access Control company infrastructure, to automatically import and analyze data regarding the movement of employees within the company premises. With HAWK, you can:

        • Keep track of the employee time spent inside the company.
        • Automatically record and aggregate daily employee attendance.
        • Generate powerful productivity analysis reports to link employee rewards to performance.
        • Achieve the reduction of system slack where needed

 HAWK interprets raw sensory data into meaningful information to identify and calculate daily schedules and absences, leaves, work hours, breaks, loitering, employee overtime, underproductive sources, and many more. Data consolidation is unobtrusive, requiring no modifications to existing company processes and no workforce notifications. Thus, the system can be seamlessly installed and utilized from Day 1, providing its reporting services only to the appropriate authorized users.

The information aggregated and analyzed via HAWK can be a valuable resource for the HR department of all companies, as well as the Payroll executives and all company managers that wish to have a succinct perspective of workforce attendance and productivity.

Some important features of HAWK include:

  • Full modeling of company infrastructure
  • Integration with most well-known Access Control systems
  • Comprehensive security model all forms and reports
  • Full historical records of all employee movements
  • Grouping capability for employees and locations
  • Flexibility with temporary access cards and multiple cards per employee

The reports provided cover the full spectrum of information for the following categories:

  • Attendance
  • Punctuality
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Security
  • Payroll

If you are interested in learning more about HAWK, you can contact us directly for a personalized quote and a description of how our reporting platform will integrate with your access control systems.